Mafu of the Zhao State, a majestic and chaste person. Started off as a minor officer and performed his duties well. He caught aristocrats who did wrong and was in turn promoted to the land tax collector. During the war, he was appointed to lead troops. In the end, he was promoted to the position of administrator of a district called Mafu.

His most famous moment was during the Battle of E Yu.

During this battle, Zhao She had led his troops to defeat the arrogant Qin Army, spreading his name across the six states. After the battle, the Zhao King awarded him the title of Mafu Lord, and he became a presence on the same level as Lianpo.

He entered the wilderness after the Battle of Changping.

His stats could be considered a pinnacle presence amongst king rank generals. If the Warring States was not such a star studded period, he would definitely be considered an emperor rank general.

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